Fairtrade Certification

We Only Brew and Serve Fairtrade Certified Coffees
in All Van Houtte Cafés

Van Houtte ®  brand has been a proud partner of Fairtrade Canada since 2000. For years, Van Houtte ®  has worked with the firm belief that to offer its consumers a quality product, it must also pay special attention to the work performed in the country of origin. Our relationship with Fairtrade Canada ensures that Fairtrade Certified coffee purchases have made community investments possible for small coffee producers, and promote farming practices that protect the environment.

By Opting for this Fairtrade Certified Coffee, You...

Ensure producers get fair prices for their harvests.

Contribute to a social premium, which is used to fund community development projects.

Support decent working conditions for workers.

Encourage farming practices that are better for the environment.

Helping to improve the lives of the farm families that bring you this delicious coffee with the Fair Trade taste every day.

We invite you to taste the difference and make a difference by trying one of our specialty coffees made with our fairtrade certified espresso superiore.

Smart and Environmentally

To support going green, please fill in your favorite drink in a travel mug and get $0.15 off each filling!

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