Specialty Coffee
Espresso Superiore

Prepared by our master roasters, the robust and sweet flavors of our Van Houtte Espresso Superiore has conquered the finest palettes in the world. Its taste has woody notes and intense body that you will enjoy from the first sip. No wonder why our baristas are opting for this high quality espresso when executing our delicious specialty coffees available in all Cafes Van Houtte!

Espresso Classico

A classic, dark espresso in its purest form, topped with traditional golden créma – the true sign of perfection and the pure taste of Italy!

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Espresso Specialties

Trust our baristas’ talent and creativity. Hot or cold, our espresso beverages are exclusively made with Van Houtte’s award-winning Espresso Superiore. The iced versions are delicious too!

Brewed Coffee

We still roast our coffees using the traditional small batch technique and recipes of our founder, Albert-Louis Van Houtte. We’re proud to offer a wide selection of brewed coffees with enticing aromas and tastes.

Brewed Coffee

Here are our fairtrade certified brewed Coffees available every day in our cafés-bistros Van Houtte.

* Bistro 1919 Blend Fair Trade

Velvety & Woodsy

* Colombia Fair Trade

Bold & Fruity

* Vanilla Hazelnut Fairtrade

* Swiss Water Process Fair Trade Organic Decaf

Mellow & Woodsy

Brewed Coffee
Brewed Coffee


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